Thought Communication : The Future

It is no wonder that while watching ‘Super Hero’ films, a ray of light focuses on the target and attack them or mesmerise them gives us an ‘awe’. I still remember whence my elders were keen to inform me; ‘Those are indeed fictions and there is zero reality in them”. Think of a while, would our previous generations would have ever imagined, they could speak to a person in another corner of the earth ? Even to a person in space ? Definitely not. But they are now reality. And we are experiencing them.

Phenomenon which were a ‘castle in Air’ for the previous generations are reality as of now. So never stop thinking.

How it Come to pass

I am a huge fan of ‘Harry Potter’. I grew watching it and I am more proficient in it. I love the ‘Invisible Cloak’ The ideology behind it. I enjoyed it throughly. To my wonder, very recently I found a call for a PhD position entitled “Design of Invisible Cloak” in a very reputed university. Though, amusing, it gave me a sudden jerk on “How our Technology Evolves”..

The Process

Every technology we use as of today was a ‘ Brain Child’ of some thinkers. Those thinkers created a world where we could thrive and enjoy. Once this world became interesting, people needed it in reality. Hence they take up research and methodologies to bring it into pass.

Every Technology we use today is a ‘Brain Child’ of some Thinkers.

What’s Next

Now we are evolving to an era where our voices and images are taken through air and we can take part virtually in a meeting which is in another part of the world. The pandemic COVID’19 initiated the next step even. we could work from home for an industry in a far distance.

Betwixt the difficulty, lies opportunity.

So, what is next ? I agog for an era where there is seldom a physical component for transmitting our thoughts and feel. Rather, our brain should communicate our thoughts to our intended person.

Is that Possible ? — A Proof.

The question is even an astray. Yes, it is possible. Have you ever experienced with your loved ones ? Whence, you wanted to convey a message and they understands it and responds to it without any verbal communication. I have experienced it several times with my very close circle.

Yes. it is possible.

We should evolve to a place where our thoughts could be communicated in ease.

How ? — The Science Behind.

Theoretically, the any thought that incepts from our brain is a form of Electro Magnetic wave. May be classified into ‘Low frequency waves’ and ‘High Frequency waves’. These waves emerging from any mind should be ‘very sharp’.

The place where the thought incept should be sharp enough to transmit it.

So, it is worthy to keep our mind concentrated and focused. Once, then our thoughts could be transmitted in a focused manner.

Also, the receiver mind should also be focused and aware of the thoughts nearby.

No wonder, I find few people who could sense a form of negativity in their purview. It is just because they are focused and Aware.

Train our minds to be focused and Be Aware.

Mental Media — A curse for this Generation.

I seriously apologise to enunciate the term ‘Mental Media’.

Not every Media is ‘Mental’, but 99.99% of them are so.

Factually, We are driven by the projections of the media. We have to admit it. You may be thinking, what’s the part of media here ? What if I inform you, our media is depleting our concentrating capability ?

Yes, it is a shocking reality. The Video Giant gives more suggestions so that we don’t even concentrate on a single video. TV shows ‘pop up’ ad’s during a serious scene in a movie. Hence, we are triggered to think on the ‘pop up’ and not on the movie.

In this way, the so said Mental Media makes us lame mentally. Watch them less. Rather, Read to be Informed about Facts.

The Paradise is Coming.

Every christian wants to got to ‘Hypothetical Paradise’ because there is truth in it. I am sure, when ‘Thought Communication’ becomes a reality. There is no room for any ‘Hypothetical Paradise’ for our earth would be a paradise.

There would be Truth and Truth Every where.

We would be aware that whence a lie is being thought in our mind, it would be read by others.

And we would evolve to a place where there is no lies and out of way thinking.

I am sure, this era would come to pass in another few generations and our world be a so said Heaven.

What we should do?

To prepare for this kind of era, I must advice you to tame our generation in ‘Reading’ and ‘Concentrating’.

Reading initiates Concentration. Concentration invokes Focus.

Focus gives clarity. Clarity gives birth to Truth.

Truth is what we agog for.




Researcher, String Theorist, Futurist.

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Lalin Laudis

Lalin Laudis

Researcher, String Theorist, Futurist.

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