Strings Rule us… Believe Me..

Lalin Laudis
4 min readDec 14, 2022

Its factual that some ‘Super Natural Power’ Governs us and we travel in the guided path. Most of us term this power as ‘God’ or ‘Nature’. This way of thinking makes us depend on some other powers for our existence. Interestingly this article gives a new perspective of ; How we are governed and how we are ushered in this evolutionary spectrum.

Purpose of Life

Most of us are in the path towards ‘Finding the purpose of our Life’ . There are life coaches, self help books that usher us towards a containment zone of progression. Interestingly, they help us towards us finding our purpose of our Life. Everyone have our own purpose in our Life which few pinpoint in our early life and the other pinpoint during our later stage of our life.

“Its not about when, but is the ‘Why’ which you want to find.”

There are few ‘happenings’ to infer that you are near in finding your purpose of your life.

  1. You are Happy.
  2. You are compassionate. You’ve embraced empathy.
  3. Things get in-line with your thinking.
  4. People are attracted to you and you are in limelight.
  5. In the inner heart you could feel the push that drives you.

Now, the question arises. Who governs my Purpose ? Who determines the purpose of my Life? Let’s investigate further.

The question is indeed captivating. Though there are several theories attempting to answer this question: “Who Governs my purpose”, the answer is still entangled.

Now, What is a String ?

A ‘String’ in the string theory is simply an energy vibrating at a specific frequency. It is observed in all forms of Living and Non living entities.

Simply to comprehend, we are familiar with the notion that ‘We are made of atoms’. But what is inside an atom ?, We hardly know.

In physics, while deciphering the atom, we find protons, neutrons and electrons. Further moving down, we find quarks. Pushing further we find nothing but a string of energy vibrating at specific frequency.

Hence, a string means ‘a vibrational energy resonating at a Specific frequency

But remember one thing, if strings are vibrational energy so are our thoughts.

Scientifically, our thoughts when analysed is nothing but a vibrational energy of specific frequency. Analytically, they categorize good thoughts and evil thoughts based on the vibrational patterns generated.

Impact of Strings

Now would you mind me telling you “Strings govern us”

Even if you mind: this is the truth. It is evident from our experience and our scientific anthologies,

We are what we think

That is why, great people have enunciated “Mind Your Thoughts”

Yes, our thoughts are the primary entity to focus upon for our well beings. There are several theories like ‘Law of Attraction’ and such that portrays that what you think so you become. Hence in every sense Strings do impact us either positively or negatively. So mind your Strings.

Strings in our Life

Now the question arises, how do strings rules me. It is me who govern my strings (thoughts). That is definitely an interesting question. But factually, strings impact us and rules us. May be we are the managers of our thoughts but not others’. So the string of others have an impact in our life ? Yes. Definitely it is a Yes.

Have you not wondered your perception on certain things gets molded by the teaching of someone whom you respects more ?

Have you not wondered your notion completely changes when someone infuses their thoughts in their own way ?

Have You wondered, reading a book changes something deep in us ?

Yes. All these happens when others’ strings (thoughts) are more intense, they can dominate you in every means. That’s why I say ‘Strings Rules Us’.

It is others’ thoughts which lead us in this evolutionary spectrum.

Physics Behind Managing Strings

To get the maximum about this, we must be familiar with a Physics Concept. We all do an experiment in our High School. It deals with frequency tuning.

We all have a ‘Tuning Fork’ and the sound gets accustomed to the nearer medium.

Also, remember while practicing music, it is to tune the instrument/voice using a known frequecny.

Thus, physics enunciates us that some entities can attune us towards them, when their frequency dominates. So does Thoughts.

Now, Strings rule us. Isn’t it ?

Now, think; In this Evolutionary Spectrum, we are evolving with a purpose (May be not !). But, how many are our actions are from our own thoughts ? It is for others we do majority of our tasks.

Their Strings Rules Us. Beware and make use of your Strings to drive.

We all have a purpose (thought)which has a specific vibration(String’s Frequency). Never ever let any other frequencies (Other’s thoughts) to distract you in this evolutionary spectrum.

Take Away

Strings are nothing but Energy.

Our Thoughts are Energies. Hence Thoughts are Strings.

We move forward in this Evolutionary Spectrum to solace other’s strings.

Wake up.. Wake up.. Let your Strings Vibrate and Allure Good things in You.